Rules of Subject Verb Agreement Class 6

Subject-verb agreement is an essential concept in the English language. It refers to the proper match of the subject and the verb in a sentence. Class 6 students are introduced to this concept to help them improve their writing and communication skills. Here are some basic rules of subject-verb agreement that Class 6 students should keep in mind.

1. Singular subjects take singular verbs, and plural subjects take plural verbs.


– The cat chases the mouse. (Singular subject and verb)

– The birds fly in the sky. (Plural subject and verb)

2. The verb agrees with the subject in person and number.


– He sings in the choir. (Singular subject, third person, and singular verb)

– They sing in the choir. (Plural subject, third person, and plural verb)

3. Subjects connected with “and” take a plural verb.


– Tom and Jerry are friends. (Plural subject and verb)

4. Singular subjects connected with “or” or “nor” take a singular verb. If one of the subjects is plural, the verb agrees with the closest subject.


– Either the cat or the dog is responsible. (Singular subject and verb)

– Neither the cat nor the dogs are responsible. (Plural subject and verb)

5. Collective nouns take a singular verb if the group is acting as a unit, and a plural verb if the group is acting individually.


– The team is playing well. (Singular verb)

– The team are arguing among themselves. (Plural verb)

6. Indefinite pronouns like “everybody,” “someone,” and “nobody” take a singular verb.


– Somebody is knocking at the door. (Singular verb)

– Nobody wants to attend the meeting. (Singular verb)

7. Some nouns that look plural but are treated as singular take a singular verb.


– Mathematics is my favorite subject. (Singular verb)

8. The verbs “be,” “do,” and “have” have irregular forms in the present tense.


– I am, you are, he/she/it is, we/you/they are. (Be)

– I do, you do, he/she/it does, we/you/they do. (Do)

– I have, you have, he/she/it has, we/you/they have. (Have)

By following these rules of subject-verb agreement, Class 6 students can improve their writing and communication skills. Practicing these rules will help them express their ideas clearly and effectively.